11978: 29 GIUGNO ONLUS - 4 appartamenti a Roma


Gathering timing

Starts : Fri 23/07/2021 at 12:00
Ends : Tue 28/09/2021 at 12:00

Viewing conditions:
All lots viewings must be booked. Please contact:  info@gorealbid.it – tel +39.0737.782080


The present gathering is subject to a mandatory deposit of 10% of price offered and and deposit for expenses equal to 5% of offered price, as advance for expenses and tender fees and which also includes the advance on the Buyer's Premium, commensurate with 2% of the price offered, in favor of Gobid International Auction Group, except for integration.

Deposit and deposit for expenses must be paid by means of non-transferable cashier's check payable to:

Società Cooperativa 29 Giugno Cooperativa Sociale Onlus in L.C.A.

Participation Rules:

The gathering will be done using the following modes:

All bidders, except the subjects by law not allowed to take part in the gathering, after having joined the site www.gorealbid.it, will be required to send an irrevocable purchase offer, trough compilation of offer form (published online) and send it undersigned for acceptance of the conditions proposed, at:

Notaio Dott. Renato Carraffa
Via Giuseppe Marchi 10 - Roma

in conjunction with cashier's checks of the warranty deposit and of the deposit for expenses..

Irrevocable purchase offers presenting by potential buyers must be accompanied by payments of abovementioned required deposits, the payment of which will constitute, in itself, a formal commitment to purchase by the underwriter of each offer.
Best offer received at certified email address provided by agent may be used as an auction base price for a competitive sales experiment to be conducted at the office of Liquidator.
Liquidator will be responsible for informing all tenderers in any way whether they are or not best bidders when formalizing the above-mentioned irrevocable purchase offer.
Liquidator reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to accept or not irrevocable purchase offers submitted by potential buyers.
Offers must be submitted in the manner specified in the attached offer form and must contain:

- Identification of contractor, with complete indication of personal details and details of a identity document, specifying of fiscal code and, in the case of physical person married, the matrimonial regime that existed between the two spouses;

- Chamber of Commerce Comany Registration of company or individual company and an identity document of legal representative (for company) or owner (for individual company);

- price offered for building

The potential buyers must agree to terms and conditions of use of the platform and terms and conditions of use of the gathering and of possible subsequent auction, as well as sale conditions in attached notice.

Lots Availability
All prejudicial formalities affecting the goods being sold will be canceled by the Principal and at the expense of the purchaser after the sale in the manner provided for in Article 5 of Law no. 400/1975, within the limits set by the law.
Any charges deriving from the sale, including tax charges, notary fees and any expenses related to the cancellation of prejudicial formalities are the responsibility of the buyer.

Payment deadline
Awarded lots have to be paid in full not after the date set for the property trasfer.  .

Buyer's premium due has to be paid within 20 days from awarding.

Fees and expenses related to sale on buyer's expense (law fees, notarial fees, fiscal and non fiscal fees) have to be paid in full not after the date set for the property trasfer.

Buyer's Premium
A percentage % charge + VAT will be added to the price of each awarded lot also in case of offers received related to art. 107 L.F (Bankruptcy Law). 
The above mentioned percentage charge will be applied according to the modes shown in the following table:

From - to € 0,00 € 200.000,00 4%
From - to € 200.001,00 € 500.000,00 3%
Beyond € 500.001,00   2%

The calculation base of Buyer's Premium is divided into different staggers each one corresponding to a rate decreasing when staggers increase.
For each awarding price, the corresponding Buyers' Premium will be given by the sum of the commissions calculated on the referring stagger, according to the modes indicated in the table above. 

Value Added Tax at a rate 22,00%  will be calculated on the awarding price and added to it. (where applicable). VAT application may vary according to law depending on the awarding subject

In case of insurgency of  any controversy related to the interpretation of the dispositions included in the general and specific terms present in the website  translated in different languages, it will be applied the Italian language version of such texts

Gobid.it is a registered trademark by: GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL

Head Office: Via P.O.Vigliani, 19 - 20148 Milano (MI)

Operating Headquarters: Via Merloni, 17/U - 62024 Matelica (MC)

tel: 0039.0737.782080 - fax: 0039.0737.786198 - email: info@gobid.it