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By the registration to the website www.gobid.es the user gains rights to  access the website and to use the information present in it, declaring to accept all the condition shown below. The user will have to guarantee the accuracy and the completeness of the data provided with the registration, quickly notifying possible changes. GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL  reserves the right to reject the registration or to delete from the website the user's data.

Website use

GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL  will guarantee, as far as possible, to offer accurate and complete information coming from reliable sources, however, it will not grant any warranty, whether explicit or implicit, ensuring that the information provided by this website will be current, complete or accurate.
GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL  manages the present website from Italy thereby, it does not guarantee that the information provided will be suitable or available in different Countries. Whoever will use the present website in countries different than Italy will be responsible for respecting the current local legislation.
GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL  does not guarantee the perfect and continuous operation of the present website.
It is not allowed to use the present website aiming to impede its usage to other internet users, to endanger the operation and/or to negatively influence data and software.

Intellectual property rights

GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL  reserves the right (including those related to the copyright, brands and patents preservation) related to all the information (including all texts, graphics and logos) offered by or via the present website.
By any means, it is forbidden to copy, download, publish or to distribute information present in this website without a written permission by GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL . However, it is possible to print and/or download the information from this website only for personal use.

Liability Exclusion

GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL  and/or its agents will not take any charge of possible damages, direct or indirect (including profit losses),  irrespective from the fact that GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL might have been informed of the possibilities of such damage, caused at any rate by viruses, flaws or any lack in the equipment or software used to accede or utilize the present website, by the information offered and provided in the website, by the modifications or the wrong usage of  information sent to GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL or to the users, by malfunctioning of unavailability of the website, by website abuse, by data losses, by download or use of software provided by the present website or by possible third parties demands concerning the usage of the website.

Applicable Legislation

All controversies related to or deriving from the usage of the present website will be treated by the exclusive competence of Italian jurisdiction.


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